Frequently Asking Questions

Can I have my mixer design layout customized?

Unfortunately not. The project and the design are unique for all customers, it will make us able to create every single order in right times.

At beginning of the request, the customer can ask only his preferred layout with rotary or line faders.

Can I get my mixer built quicker than the current build times?

Unfortunately it’s not possible, because every component, electronics, PCB, boxes, have to be sent to us from our partner producers, so we guarantee a minimum to maximum time of waiting from the right day we get everything ready to built the mixer.

Does the power supply work on different mains voltages, do I need a step-down transformer or an adaptor to plug it in?

Our power supply is universal, so the customer won’t have problems about voltages. Maybe the customer could need only an adaptor for his country.

Can I get a travel case for my mixer?

Yes, under customer request, we have the chance to provide for a travel case for the mixer.

Where do you ship to and how much will it cost me?

About shipping costs it depends about destination country.

All deliveries are trackable and all secured by postage warranty.

For more details, the customer can ask directly to us about his order rates, and track informations.

Will there be import tax added to my mixer when it arrives in my country?

It could be possible, as import taxes or duties. In that case, the customer has to pay that taxes, our service DOES NOT includes that costs.


We have 2 years warranty policy, calculated by the order delivery.

After warranty time, we’ll try to do our best to help and support for any solution our customers