Handcrafted DJ Isolators and Rotary Mixers designed with care and integrity for the DJ that requires Audiophile quality

The first Audiophile Rotary DJ mixers and Isolators totally handmade in Italy by the best audiophile engineers, created with the help of some rotary DJ's. We want to offer the best audio quality product, and with all the features that characterize this kind of vintage instruments , leading to the DJ music experience on a par with a musician.

10 good reasons to buy NEA Isolators :

#1 Handmade with care in south Italy.

#2 Fully customizable.

#3 Best quality components from all over the world inside.

#4 +20db boost without distortortion.

#5 Clean,warm,fat and perfect analog sound.

#6 Build with great technic for audiophile and high professional use.

#7 Adjustable cut curve frequencies (bass/mid and mid/high) on the fly to make a great performance for everyone of us.

#8 Auto adaptive AC power (no needs any AC adaptor all over the world).

#9 Choosing by some of the best dj's all over the world.

#10 Created and made with hearth to give us the best feeling and sound !


What is NEA ISO-SIX:

NEA ISO-SIX is a 3 band Isolator with six useable pots.The NEA ISO-SIX can be used in an effects loop insert, or main output of any console.NEA ISO-SIX features unique front panel SPLIT LOW-MID and MID-HIGH frequency movable x-over turnover points with 3 bands of sweepable Gain pots with infinite cut, and offers an amazing + 20db of boost with no distortion on each band from Unity and will operate safe on any sound system in any application.

The NEA ISO-SIX offers a variable gain on the rear for proper gain staging in any console for unity gain & leveling on any sound system. The NEA ISO-SIX has a LOW/HIGH PASS FILTER completely analog, with a ON/OFF button and all fully integrated with the isolator.



- Nightclub & Live PA Touring market;

- Recording Studios;

- Touring DJ Market;

- Home DJ Market.